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I Know Tejco group since last more than 15 years, led by Sunil, they sell quality products at competitive rates. The whole family is dedicated for the company. They also have a good innovative mind, after sales services. Best wishes to them
Dr. Narendra Patwatdhan, Pune
My journey with Tejco vision began in the year 2012....it has been an outstanding relationship with Mr Sunil Rajani and Mrs Shraddha Mordani who are both very innovative and professional ....they have the vision of producing the best hair transplant equipment in the world and through their dedication and research they most certainly are one of the best companies in the world dealing in hair transplant equipment....the challenge is not reaching at the top but staying there and both Sunilji and Shraddha have made Tejco Vision the best one stop shop for all hair restoration equipment and are the market leaders in this field....competition being high and the target audience being less it has been an admirable effort to maintain retainership of clientele and keep all the clients happy and coming back for more...I wish them all the best in their future endeavours and hope to be associated with Tejco Vision for as long as I pursue hair restoration surgery....keep up the wonderful work guys!!! Love
Dr Mohiuddin Makani-Director at Cosmedicure , Mumbai
We have tried FUE punches from different suppliers, but since we tried from Tejco we have stopped using others. Tejco punches are very good in quality, easy to use with practically low transaction rate. Most importantly our patients have little or no pain post procedure which gives us more comfort. And finally regarding service, fast delivery along with supporting and cooperative team.
Dr. Dinesh Patel, Dev hair transplant centre, Ahmedabad
Have been a regular buyer of instruments from Tejco for my hair transplant surgeries. Their service and instruments quality is excellent and perhaps one of the best in India.
Dr. Shalini Malhotra, Delhi
Tejco products are good ,reliable and long lasting quality instruments
Dr. Kiran Godse, Mumbai
I have known Tejco for more than 15 years when they were not into hair at all. In my opinion, Tejco is a business group working with dedication, sincerity and commitment towards the common good of Hair Restoration. When they wanted to venture into hair transplant, they started with repeated visits and spent hours understanding the science, the technique and the requirements of the procedure. They do not compromise on quality and always deliver the best with complete professionalism. I wish them all the success in the years to come
Dr. Rajesh Rajput, Mumbai
For many years we have been using the instruments from non- Indian companies as we never wanted to compromise in our work in any area, be it instrument, set up or medical team. It was more important for us as we only do hair transplant and don’t do anything else. Recently I again revisited Tejco for instruments. I was amazed to see the enthusiasm and dedication they carry for quality. Their punches are competitive with the international brands that we been using for last 6 years. So, we have made up of our minds for using Tejco instruments more than much costly other brands.
Dr. Pradeep Sethi (Eugenix), Dehradun
I have been using Tejco’s lot of equipment’s for almost 5 years now. Hair transplant chairs are quite comfortable for the patient and even for the operating team. FUE TRANSCHAIR motor is a good light weighted motor with specifications like torque adjustment which aid in faster and effective extraction. FUE punches primarily the sharp ones are quite effective in reducing transaction rates. Implanter needles are good in handling with replaceable needles to accurately position the grafts and control the depth of implantation
Dr. Sandeep Mahapatra MD (DVL) Dermasolutions Bangalore, Neofollicle Trasnplant, Kochi
SMP device is really good. Rechargeable option is very helpful while covering wide and angulated areas like lips
Dr. Sajesh T K (Bangalore)
Scalp Pigmentation device of Tejco is quick & innovative way to mask the baldness. Ink stays for good period. Continuous supply of ink would be recommended to make this device next level SMP device
Dr. Shreyans Mutha, Mumbai & Delhi
I started using Tejco titanium punches in beginning as a learner of hair transplant. Later got many different sellers of punches at very less price. After few month of using other punches I faced many problems like short life of punch, increased transection rate and inability to clean punches and of course rust problem. then again I came back from where I started I am regular user of Tejco 0.8mm titanium punch me and all my team just love it. Sharpness lasts for long time and nearly zero transection rates, easy to clean. Cardiff to Tejco for maintaining this quality and excellence in hair transplant equipment’s.
Dr. Ankur Singhal (MD, regrow clinic) Haridwar, UP
I have dealt with Tejco for a decade or longer and have always stood to gain from them in terms of very handy useful products or ideas. They are open to new ideas and are good at rendering them actionable. their initial foray was into optics which i believe was handed down the generations. i am sure every clinic among my contemporaries has Tejco lenses and lights and combinations thereof , they later on came up with a good line of cold steel surgery, non-ablative laser and light and more recently a set of hair transplant instruments that have gained wide acceptance. they are really good businessmen in that their products and services match their enthusiasm at the point of sale . the stock in trade for all stake holders in medicine is trust and Tejco is clearly trustworthy.
Dr. Krupashankar, Bangalore
Specvisor is a great magnifier offering upto 3. 5 x magnifications, at an affordable cost. Comfortable and not very heavy on the eye. A must for hair transplant surgeons.
Dr. Nirmal . B, Velammal medical college & research institute, Madurai
I have been using SMP device from Tejco since last 1 year and the results are good also I was impressed by their sharp Serrated punches and am looking forward to use them more often for my hair transplant cases.
Dr.Kavish Chouhan. MD (AIIMS), MISHRS (USA) Director , DERMACLINIX, Delhi
I have been buying hair transplant and dermato surgery products from Tejco since beginning. They have great service and have always been introducing new and updated instrumentation. I have used their punches, forceps and OT lights and I am very satisfied with them.
Dr. Manjot Marwat, Mumbai & Himachal Pradesh
This is to say that I have been using Tejco Vision punches since last 3 years and have been consistently happy with the quality and the service of this company. I wish them all the very best for their future ventures.
Dr. Anand Joshi, Mumbai
Tejco Hair transplant instruments are excellent quality and reasonably priced. I use motorised FUE machine for extraction and it helps to save the time.
Dr. Khalid Ahmed Bhati ,Mumbai
At the outset, we thank you for the quality products of derma roller and motorised FUE punches that you have been supplying to us. Derma roller is very significant and useful in all our PRP treatments. Our clients are very much satisfied with the treatment given through Derma roller. Similarly, we are using Motorized FUE punches for all our AFT treatments, which is very effective and result orientated. All our surgeons are satisfied much over the products. Our clients prefer treatments of motorised punches. Keep up your quality of your products of you.
Prabha’s V-Care Health Clinic (P ) Ltd – Dr Prabha, Chennai

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