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Tejco Vision has built its reputation as an innovator and supplier of high quality, correctly-styled specialty medical products, disposable instruments for dermatology & Hair restoration. The company is continually developing new products and bringing them to market.:

Before Tejco releases any new products, it is subjected to comprehensive evaluation and review by the dermatologists and other specialists who form Tejco Vision Advisory Panel. Their input helps us to fine-tune Tejco products prior to making them available worldwide.

Tejco Vision provides the largest selection of dermatologic supplies worldwide, shipping to both India and international destinations. We are dedicated to providing our customers with courteous, dependable and knowledgeable service.

Tejco Vision’s professional clientele include Dermatologists, Plastic Surgeons, Cosmetic Surgeons, Facial Plastic Surgeons, tricholigists, government facilities, hospitals and specialty clinics from India and¬†various Countries like Bangladesh,Australia,Nepal,Srilanka etc around the world.

We value your business and will make every possible effort to meet your high expectations. We welcome your comments and suggestions to make our service even better.

Our Vision Mission

Tejco Vision was founded with a deep rooted vision to be the worlds most valued and respected dermatology and hair restoration focused speciality bio medical company to improve the quality of human life by providing high quality, innovative, safe and effective devices for surgical, therapeutic and diagnostic benefits

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